Kusmet CD cover


Summer 2011 is released and produced, completely in-house, a new CD.

Folk band Kusmet was founded out of a joint interest and passion for Bulgarian folk music and the need for a small, flexible band, to replace the use of recorded music in Jaap Leegwater’s dance classes. Musicians Jan Wollring, Rein de Graaff and Jeroen Smoorenburg are known for their unique talent and skills to not only produce inspiring dance accompaniment, but also for adding a special flavor through the lively interactions between music and dance.

In the years 1999 and 2000 the band toured with Jaap in the USA where they accompanied him at several dance workshops and camps such as the Diamond Dance Circle and Stockton Folkdance Camp. In the Netherlands Jaap and Kusmet teamed up with the Dobrudzhan folk singer Galina Durmushliyska to provide life music for the popular Bulgarian Dance Taverns of dance organization ‘Zajednica’, the ‘Doe Dans’ festivals and workshops throughout the country. The recordings on this CD present the results of this fruitful collaboration.

This CD is dedicated in the memory of Jeroen Smoorenburg and Rob Kerkhoven. Two dear friends and fine musicians whose musical contributions will be remembered and enjoyed for many years to come through the recordings they leave behind.

Track list:

  1. Mâri hej / Bre ovčarju
  2. Povlekana
  3. Abre Nikola
  4. Djado Mitjovata
  5. Indže prez gora vârveše
  6. Varnensko horo
  7. Stâpil dobri
  8. Mâdro
  9. Alen božur / Dobričkite momi
  10. Pravo horo
  11. Ot dolu ide mamo
  12. Lomska râčenica
  13. Sborenka
  14. Čunovo oro