Jaap Leegwater is known by many folk dancers worldwide for his fun teachings and dances like Karamfil, Dobrudžanska Pandela and Mari Marijko. He started his dance career in his native country, The Netherlands, where he earned degrees in both education and international folk dance. Fascinated with the irregular Balkan rhythms and drawn to the expressiveness of its movements, Jaap specialized in Bulgarian dance and choreography. He was one of the first non-Bulgarians invited to study at the State Choreographer’s Schools in Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Jaap is available for teachings, workshops and camps for dancers of all levels and ages.

For more details on Jaap’s credentials, background and experience, check out his biography page.

Educational materials, such as CDs and videos, of his past and present dance programs are available and can be ordered. See product list and ordering instructions.